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Oct 5
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Sep 5

@TeamNath_UKFans stooory, PART 1! :)

'KAYLEIGH! GET READY FOR SCHOOL!' Mum shouted up the stairs. I opened my eyes and instantly turned my head to see Nathan. I smiled and stretched, got myself out of bed and walked to my wardrobe. 'Hmmmm, what to wear today.' i thought to myself. My phone started to ring and I started to sing along. 'How do you get up, get out. Hello?' i answered. 
'Kay!' It was Cara. 'The Wanted are gonna be at our school today!' Her and Siobhan screamed down the phone. 'Ohmiigoddd! Really?' I replied. 'Yes! Make sure you wear something nice!' Cara said. 'Girls, they already know who we are, we met them so many times!' I replied. 'Yeah your right, we're on our way to yours!' Cara said. 'Okay see you soon.' I said, hanging up.
put on my stereo and started to play All Time Low. I danced around my room whilst getting dressed. I decided on a white and pink dress with my pink dolly shoes. i put on eyeliner a bit of mascara and some lipgloss, and quickly straightened my hair. ‘Sorted!’ I said to myself as the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs. 

I answered the door and Cara and Siobhan walked in. I grabbed some toast, grabbed my bag and a bottle of juice. ‘Bye muuuuum!’ I shouted with a mouth full of toast. ‘Bye love, have fun and be good!’ She replied. We all walked out of the door. I swallowed the toast. ‘Erm, how is ‘being good’ possible when the five HOTTEST boys are at our school, and they know who we are?!’ i asked the girls, who laughed and agreed. We walked down the road a bit to the station to catch the tube to school. We sat down and started talking about The Wanted. Six guys were sat opposite us, five of them were in hoodies and glasses, and it was a really hot summers day, so we started laughing at the fact they were wearing hoodies. ‘Girls,’ Siobhan said ‘What day is it?’ We all looked at each other then shouted ‘IT’S WANTED WEDNESDAY!’ Us and the guys opposite us were the only ones on the tube, although it was meant to be rush hour, this always seemed to be empty. The guys opposite us kept staring at us and smiling. We all looked at each other, wondering why they were staring at us and smiling. They all looked at each other and took their glasses off. We’d just made a pratt out of ourselves in front of THE WANTED! Cara started to squeal, Siobhan and me just stared, we were in pure shock!

The boys smiled at us. Cara stopped squealing and we managed to smile back. ‘:Iya girls,’ Nathan said. ‘H-H-Hi’ I stuttered. Max, Tom and Siva all said ‘Hey’ at the same time and smiled at us. Jay looked at Siobhan, who was still in shock. ‘Hi Siobhan, I’ve missed you.’ He said to her. She just stared at him. I nudged her. ‘Not as much as I’ve missed you!’ She finally replied. Jay smiled. ‘Where you girls off to today then? Girly shopping??’ Max asked. ‘No, we’re going to school’ I replied. ‘Ah that’s good, so are we actually.’ Nathan smiled at me. ‘We know, our school!!’ We all said together.

'Really?' Jay said. 'Yeah' Siobhan replied. Nathan stood up and sat in between me and Cara. Our hearts skipped a beat. Jay stood up and pulled Siobhan up and hugged her. Suddenly the tube stopped. Jay and Siobhan fell over, Siobhan landed on top of Jay. 'Are you ok?' Jay asked Siobhan. 'Yeah, you stopped me from hitting the floor!' Siobhan smiled at Jay and stood up. The doors opened. 'This is our stop girls' Cara said. We all stepped off the tube and started walking.

When we got to the top we saw Mark, the Wanted’s driver. ‘Hey Mark.’ I said. ‘Heya girls.’ ‘GIRLS’ A familiar voice shouted from inside the station. We all turned around and saw the boys walking towards us. ‘Come on boys, your already late.’ Mark said, opening the car door for the boys. ‘Can we give the girls a lift? They go to the school we’re performing at.;’ Nathan looked at Mark. ‘Yeah fine just get in, we need to go.’ We all got in the van, Siobhan sat down and Jay sat next to her, Cara sat next to Tom, behind me, and Nathan sat next to me. We were the three happiest girls in the world!

On our way to school in The Wanted’s van, we were all really hyper, especially Tom. He got out of his seat and went kept shouting ‘IT’S WANTED WEDNESDAY!!’. He was so funny. ‘Is he always this mental?’ I asked Nathan. ‘Err, yeah, pretty much!’ Nathan replied. Tom heard us and made his way over. ‘I heard that yeno!’ He said. ‘You’re well cheeky Kay!’ He started tickling me, I was gasping for breath, trying to scream stop! Nathan eventually pushed him off of me and I stood up to straighten out my dress. The van stopped and we looked out of the window. We saw Megan waiting for us. Siva opened the door and we all got out. Megan was shocked to see us coming out of a van full of boys. ‘Girls? Why were you in that van? Who are they?’ She asked. ‘They’re the Wanted, a boy band, Megan’ Cara explained. Cara and Megan didn’t always get along. Nathan made his way over and thought it would be clever to scare me by putting his arms around me from behind. ‘AHHHH!’ I screamed. Everyone in the playground looked and Nathan jumped back. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked, shocked. ‘Nothing, you just scared me.’ I replied, laughing at Nathan’s face. Everyone joined in laughing, including Nathan. ‘Wow, whose he?’ Megan asked Siobhan, looking at Tom. ‘That’s Tom, he’s pretty awesome.’ Siobhan replied. ‘TOM!’ I shouted, and he started to walk over. ‘Watsappnin ladees!’ He said. ‘Tom, cut the pretty boy swag!’ Cara blurted out. We all laughed again. ‘Tom, this is Megan, our friend, she thinks your fit!’ I smiled at Megan. Tom laughed and walked over to Megan and hugged her. Megan looked so happy when Tom was hugging her. Mark locked the van and came over. ‘Lads, we gotta get into the school for the sound check.’ He said. ‘Sure thing Mark, come on girls, you can come.’ Max said, as he walked into the school. We all followed him, Jay with Siobhan, Max practically carrying Cara, Tom with Megan and Nathan and Me. ‘So, You still with your boyfriend?’ Nathan asked me. ‘No, we split up, he was an idiot, to put it nicely.’ I replied. ‘Ah, babe, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.’ Nathan said, looking at the floor. ‘No, Nathan, It’s fine, don’t feel bad.’ I said, moving closer to him. He put his arm round me and smiled as we walked into the school .

Me and the girls were sat at the back of the hall watching the sound check. Nathan kept looking over and smiling. The music started up for lets get ugly. The boys sang and danced and it sounded amazing! ‘Five minute break guys!’ The sound tech shouted. They all walked over to us. ‘So,’ Siva started, ‘Did you like it?’ We all smiled. ‘Why do you always ask us that? We love your music, that’s why we’re your fans!’ I replied. The boys smiled and Nathan hugged me. ‘Err, Kay, Wanna come for a walk?’ Nathan looked at me and smiled. ‘Sure.’ I said, smiling back. Me and Nathan walked off together, and as soon as we were out of sight of the others, he grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes. ‘Kay, I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while now, I guess I’ve never really had the confidence. But, I, err, I, I like you. A lot.’ He said, still looking into my eyes, looking as gorgeous as ever. ‘Nathan,’ I started to say, ‘I like you a lot too, but we need to face it, with the band and everything, your going to become massively famous, and you’d have no time for me if we were to start dating, I’d love to be your girlfriend, but your gonna be way too busy with everything.’ I smiled at Nathan. ‘Yeah, I guess your right, your so smart Kay. One of the things i love about you.’ He smiled at me, then kissed my cheek and hugged me. So tight, I didn’t wanna let go. Until we had to, when the sound tech guy shouted that he wanted them back. Me and Nathan walked back into the hall, he walked onto the stage, and I walked back to the girls. The music started for heart vacancy as we sat down. Max started to sing and we all sang along. The boys smiled at us. They practiced each song twice more, and made sure the sound tech guy was happy, and they were done. They came back over to us and sat down. ‘Girls, aren’t you meant to be in lessons?’ Jay said. ‘No, we got two periods free’ Cara replied. ‘Do you wanna come grab some food with us first then?’ Tom asked. ‘Err, yeah, why not?’ I replied, getting up from my seat and picking up my bag. We left the hall and made our way to the chip shop. I walked with Nathan the whole way there, just talking about his life before the wanted. ‘So, did your parents want you to become a singer?’ I asked. ‘Well, my dad did. He entered me into the eurovision juniors contest, and all sorts of other talent competitions, but then, it all just stopped. I’d learn something new, get really excited and happy about it, go to tell him and he’d always just be like “not now, Nathan” or “I’m busy!” I guess with the problems he and my mum were having, my singing was the last thing on his mind. Then my parents split and I never spoke to him about singing again. He always seemed too wrapped up in his own life to care about my singing or anything.’ He said. ‘Oh.’ I said. ‘I’m sorry your parents split.’ ‘It’s okay, it happened years ago now.’ He replied. We got the the shop and ordered our food. While the others waited for it, Nathan and I stood outside to carry on talking. We walked down a bit to talk where the others couldn’t hear us. ‘It all turned out for the best though, you got into the band.’ I said, smiling. ‘You smile a lot.’ Nathan said, smiling back. ‘You have a gorgeous smile.’ I blushed and smiled even more. He pulled my hands down from my face and looked into my eyes. He had the most beautiful blue green eyes. He went in for a kiss. When our lips touched, a million fireworks went off, well, in my head. The moment was interrupted by someone saying ‘Natha….’ It was Cara. I knew she liked Nathan. I pulled away from Nathan and looked at Cara. She stared at us, looked away and ran off. I looked at Nathan and we both ran after her. She was too fast for us, we got to the corner, she ran into the road and…..

Cara screamed. Jay and Siobhan ran out of the shop. They saw Kay and Nathan in the road, kneeling down and ran to them. ‘What happened?!’ Jay asked, catching his breath. Nathan stood up and they saw Cara lying there. ‘She ran out into the road. We couldn’t stop her.’ Siobhan ran over to Kay and kneeled beside Cara whilst Nathan rang for an ambulance and Jay ran back to get the others. Two minutes later the others all came running, Max ran straight to Cara. ‘Cara? Can you hear me?’ Max said. There was no answer, Max kept trying and Nathan pulled Kay away to hug her. ‘This is my fault Nathan.’ Kay cried. ‘It’s not, babe, it’s not.’ Nathan replied. They heard sirens and two minutes later the ambulance pulled up. The paramedics jumped out and ran over to Cara. Jay pulled Siobhan away and Max stood up. The paramedics worked on Cara while the others watched on. 10 minutes later they stood up. One paramedic walked over to them. ‘Whose Kay?’ he asked. ‘Me. What’s happened?’ I replied. ‘Cara said to tell you she loves you all, especially Nathan, and she’s happy for you.’ He said. ‘Kay cried and smiled, and squeezed Nathan’s hand. ‘Is she gonna be ok?’ Nathan asked. The paramedic looked at him, and looked around at everyone. ‘I’m sorry. She didn’t make it. She was struggling for breath, we couldn’t do anything, Again, I’m really sorry.’ Kay burst into tears and Siobhan just stood there shocked. Nathan hugged Kay the tightest he could.

Everyone looks on as Cara is put into the back of the ambulance. The ambulance doors are closed and Cara is taken away. ‘We never got to say bye.’ Megan said. ‘You didn’t even like Cara!’ I shouted. Nathan let me go. ‘Kay, babe, calm down.’ Tom said. ‘I am calm, Tom!’ I replied. ‘I don’t think we should do the gig. What do you think, guys?’ Nathan said. ‘No,’ Siobhan said. ‘Cara would want you to do the gig.’ ‘Yeah, Siobhan’s right, guys lets do this for Cara.’ Jay said. We all walked back to the school. None of us said anything on the way back. We walked back into the school and our teacher saw us. ‘Kayleigh, Siobhan, Why weren’t you in my lesson? Where’s Cara?’ He asked. ‘She’s…gone.’ I said and burst into tears. Nathan just held me tight. Siobhan started to cry as well. Jay hugged her and kissed her forehead. The teacher took us into a quiet room. ‘What do you mean girls?’ He asked. I looked at Nathan and gave him a look, basically asking him to tell him. Nathan looked at the teacher. ‘She got run over and passed away at the scene.’ Nathan said. The teacher was speechless. Siva’s phone started to ring. ‘Hello?’ He answered. It was Mark, wondering where they were. ‘Yeah, we’ll be right there. Bye.’ He said and hung up. ‘Guys, we gotta get down to the hall.’ Siva said. ‘Yeah, Kay, Siobhan, you coming?’ Nathan asked. ‘Yeah, if that’s okay with you, Sir.’ Siobhan said. ‘Err, Yes, ok.’ The teacher replied, and they all walked out of the office. They rushed down to the hall and went backstage. Five minutes later, the headteacher was introducing the boys and Nathan kissed Kay before they went on stage.

They went onto the stage and the music started for ‘Let’s get ugly’. Me, Siobhan and Megan went to sit down at the front. They finished let’s get ugly and say it on the radio, and Nathan and Jay walked offstage. Max took a microphone from a stand and smiled at us. ‘Heya guys! Did you enjoy those first two tracks?!’ He asked. Everyone went crazy. ‘Well, we got two more songs to sing for you! But first,’ He said, looking at us. The side door opened and Nathan and Jay walked out over to us. They pulled Me and Siobhan up out of our seats and led us backstage. ‘Who knows Cara Alexandrou?’ Tom asked. Lots of people raised their hands. Nathan and Jay led us onto the stage. ‘We were with her most of today,’ Max said. ‘We all decided during a sound check break that we would pop to the shop. So we did.’ Nathan put his arms around my waist. When I turned around, Jay was hugging Siobhan aswell. ‘Well, when we were in the shop, she ran off, into the road, in front of a car.’ Max said. The whole audience gasped. ‘She didn’t make it.’ Tom said. ‘So we decided to dedicate this whole performance to Cara.’ Nathan said. Two people bought out seven chairs. The boys sat down and told us to. We sat down and the music for Heart Vacancy started. ‘This is for her two best friends, Kay and Siobhan.’ Jay said, as Max started to sing. Tears started to roll down my face and I grabbed Siobhan’s hand, who was also crying.

The boys stopped singing and I looked into the crowd. Every girl was in tears, and most teachers. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I ran off stage and sat in the corner, and just cried. Only Siobhan knew how much I missed Cara. Siobhan followed me and sat with me, and we hugged. We could hear the boys singing All Time Low, and we couldn’t help but smile and sing along like we used to with Cara. Us three were inseparable. The music finished and the boys walked out. We stood up and followed them down to the hall. We had to wait until they had finished meeting new fans and signing the cards for them until we could speak to them. We stood by the stage, but we couldn’t even see them. We knew we’d be waiting a long time, so we sat down. I decided it was best if I checked my phone. I had a text from Mum, saying she had to go away for 6 days. Mum sometimes has to go away on business without any notice, and she leaves my brothers with my nan, and I get the house to myself. 45 minutes later, the boys had finished and we were finally able to talk to them. Megan had gone, and hadn’t said goodbye. ‘What you doing now, girls?’ Siva asked. ‘Err, going home to an empty house, I guess.’ I replied. ‘Going home as well.’ Siobhan said. ‘Why don’t you come to ours for a bit?’ Nathan suggested. Me and Siobhan looked at each other. Cara should be here.

Stooory! - I’m gonna be posting a reeally good story…

It’s written by @TeamNath_UKFans ( & i thought it was reeeally good so i decided to post it on here. I’ll post it in like 4 parts or something, & although it will be reeeeeeeally long, its worth reading - will make you cry at some points too!:’(

So my next posts will be her story, & she’s still writing it so there will be more to come!<3

lots of love, 



Sep 3

just a random update really…

so this is just one of those random posts, cos i’ve not beenn updating in ageees & theres been a few things going on :’)


Soooo the wanted have some goorgeous new merch on the website,

Reeeally want a hoodie,  but they’re pretty expensive. Well worth it though!

i’m getting the ‘It’s Wanted Wednesday’ tshirt!<3


Got home from school & saw the mailer, & the word manchester!:L:L

Has everybody entered the competition? It’s a competition & all you do is sign up & you could get the change to go to a premiere of the video on thursday night!

Was propper excited to read it! :’)


So just literally like 20 minutes ago or something, the wanted were on in demand!

&&&& no it wasn’t all time low, it was Heart Vacancy! 

I actually recorded it & i’ve got it saved on my laptop, i love it so much! <3


The gorgeous picture! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hahaha this is a really random post but i’m like meggga happy right now for the wanted! :’)

They’re at the light switch on in blackpool now, & i reeeeally wish that i was there! i was actually gonna go but was too late to get tickets & stuff :( but ohhh well, im still reeeally happy!<3

Bahahahaaa gonna stop writing now cos i’ll end up writing loads & loads & it won’t even make sense!:L

Love all you wanted fans!<3

amyyyyyy ;D


I’ve not wrote anything on this in aaaaages! I’m g’na write something about heart vacancy cos i’m in love with it! <3

Aug 29
“i need a poo!” Tom Parker (@tomthewanted)

Aug 28

Feel free to submit pictures & quotes & stuff for on here!<3:)

The wanted go to Geeeeeermany!;D

Aug 27
nath&#8217;s been papped! ;D

nath’s been papped! ;D

From todays ustream :&#8217;)&lt;3

From todays ustream :’)<3

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